Pujadas new website

PUJADAS launches its new corporate website today. A digital strategy that arises from the desire to be in active contact with the entire value chain of the hospitality industry.

5 keys to the proper care and maintenance of cookware

Pujadas offers you some essential advice for making your cookware and cooking utensils last much longer and for saving you money by preventing you having to buy replacement products.

Wash, protect, transport and store your tableware in Pujadas washing racks

We spend a lot of time choosing the tableware that we'll use for serving in our restaurants, so it is also important to spend time on the choice of washing racks. Not only do they help us wash the tableware, but they also prevent breakage and loss during handling, storage and transportation.

Keep your costs at bay with the range of Pujadas serving spoons

One of the main concerns that any restaurant manager faces is pricing and portion control. Having studied working processes, we have launched a solution to be used when assembling dishes and plating up, which will help to control the costs of the raw ingredients.

Better hygiene and savings on lids with the LidSaver™ 2 Dispenser

We present the next generation of lid dispensers, the Vollrath Pujadas LidSaver™ 2. It adjusts to the exact depth and measurements of the lids from your chosen supplier, dispensing only one lid at a time.

Melamine, a unique, versatile and durable material

The use of items made from melamine for the Hospitality sector, and particularly in the world of buffet service and presentation, has undergone major growth in recent years.

Update your buffet with the new Supershape® and Miramar® design concepts from Pujadas

Vollrath Pujadas presents a new concept in buffet modernisation without having to make a large investment. Thanks to our Supershape and Miramar display trays (both patented models) you can take advantage of your 1/1 Bain Maries and save yourself a great expense, giving your buffet an updated look.

We present the Mirage® Induction Rethermalizer pan

One of the recent developments by Vollrath has been the Mirage induction rethermalizer pan. It is the evolution of the traditional electric cooker, although improving efficiency, precision, consumption, functions and reducing operational steps in the kitchen and service.
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