5 keys to good maintenance and care of cookware

When a utensil that we use frequently breaks down in the kitchen, we tend to think that the item is not good or that we were deceived when buying it, leading to tedious return processes.

Knowing the keys to better maintenance and handling will extend the life of your batteries and pans:

  1. Never leave an empty pot or pan on the fire.
    An empty container in direct contact with a heat source overheats as there is no element available to help dissipate the concentration of heat. This overexposure to heat can irreversibly alter the physical properties of the container, from a change in the color of the container, to a melting of the material it is made of, rendering the pot useless, not only irretrievably damaging the kitchen. .
    As it does not contain any element that helps dissipate the concentration of heat, an empty container in direct contact with heat would quickly overheat. These damages can alter the physical properties of the product and its anti-adherence, being irreversible. If we use induction, all the equipment can be damaged.
  2. Before cleaning the cookware let it cool down.
    The part must be at a low temperature, otherwise a thermal shock may occur and damage the molecular structure of the materials, significantly reducing the useful life of the product.
  3. Do not use tools that can grate the pans and pots during cooking.
    Metal utensils can damage the surface of the container and reduce the anti-stickiness. Softer materials such as silicone or nylon are recommended.
  4. To clean, do not use abrasives, bleach, or alkaline detergents.
    These cleaning products can irreparably damage the product even in materials as resistant as stainless steel, causing micro-perforations that end up rendering the part unusable. At Pujadas we recommend using neutral soaps, non-metallic scourers and preferably a manual wash, especially for pieces with non-stick.
  5. Preferential cleaning with hot water.
    The oil and dry food adhering to the cookware will be easier to clean if we leave it to soak in hot water. This way it will not be necessary to rub so much to remove them and we will use less cleaning products.

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